A brief guide to knowingviniyoga


What is Viniyoga?

The viniyoga is a genuine and complete transmission of yogic teachings. It’s a Sanskrit phrase that refers to differentiation, adaptability, and proper application.

The American Viniyoga Institute uses the word Viniyoga to describe a yoga method that conforms various ways and means of practice to each person’s particular condition, necessitates, and interests, giving each professional the techniques to personalize and successfully implement the path to self and personal evolution.

The primary distinction between the viniyoga technique and many other types of asana practice is summarized in four points:

Function Takes Priority Over Form

The science of altering the shapes of the positions to achieve varied objectives focuses on function instead of form in asana practice.

Adaptation and Breath

The frequency of breathing in Sana achieves varied results, as well as the attention on breathing as the channel for mobility in Sana.

Repetition and Persistence

Repetition of entering and exiting the postures, but also holding the poses.

Sequencing is both an art and a science

The sophisticated theory and practice of scheduling enable teachers to develop practices with varying orientations, lengths, and intensities depending on the firm’s goal and setting.

Yoga techniques allow each practitioner can bring out their most outstanding qualities. This necessitates a grasp of a person’s current state, personal potential, good reasonable goals, and resource availability. These characteristics will range from person to person, as each person is unique.It should be done with a complete focus on deep cleaningthe mind and body.